[2021] Best Tablets for Drone Flying -Top 8 Reviewed

best tablet for drone

On this page, you’ll find our list of the 8 best tablets for drone flying. Tablets are an extremely important feature to consider when buying a drone if you are searching for the complete and ultimate drone experience.

Many people confess to using a Smartphone on their drones when they should actually be using a great tablet. The reasons for using tablets instead of Smartphones are very obvious.

When using the Smartphones, you are compositing the resultant images and videos to the resolution of a small screen. This makes it very difficult to know whether you are getting the right amount of exposure.

However, when you use a tablet instead of a Smartphone, you are able to see the picture quite well, enabling you to get the best video and stills from your flight.

When you use a tablet and a Hoodman Sun Shield, then you will be able to get the true exposure for the best images and videos. You should also use a special mount when you want to mount a tablet on a compact drone such as the Mavic (It requires the MavMount etc.)

Best Drone Tablets

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A- 10.1' 64GB, Wifi Tablet-...

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 tablet benefits of a corner to corner full HD display, perfect for every drone that is able to record a video or take a photo. It has a generous display size of 10.1” making it perfect not only for drone-related use but for any other activities as well (such as web browsing, gaming etc.).

The tablet benefits of 4 GB of RAM alongside with 64 GB of internal memory (you can also more or less internal storage capacity as it is available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, also RAM capacity will be changed based on the memory size selected). Its octa-core CPU (2x 1.8 GHz + 6x 1.6 GHz) processor ensures you a lag-free experience which is perfect for drone flights.

As it uses Android 9 Pie, it is compatible with most of the drones available on the market. A full battery charge can last for up to ten hours, which means that you can fly your drone without having to worry about your tablet running out of energy.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A- 10.1" 64GB, Wifi Tablet-...
  • Minimal bezel. Maximum view. Watch, stream and browse on a 10. 1" Full HD...
  • Big sound for big entertainment. The perfect complement to a wide, immersive...

2. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Tablet, 10.3' FHD Android Tablet,...

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As a tablet that operates on Android 9 Pie, Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is compatible with almost every drone you could find. It is available in three variants based on the memory: 2GB RAM + 32 GB Internal memory, 4GB RAM + 64GB internal memory or 4GB RAM + 128GB Internal memory.

It has a 10.3’’ Full HD display that benefits of TDDI technology. Regarding the tablet’s aesthetics, it successfully induces an elegant style with its metal black cover and its slim and narrow bezels.

On top of everything, it has an octa-core processor (4x 2.3 GHz + 4x 1.8 GHz) that makes everything run smoothly. With a battery that can last up to 7 hours while in use, you can be sure that you have enough time to use it connected to your drone for a couple of times.

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Tablet, 10.3" FHD Android Tablet,...
  • Premium look & feel with metal back cover and slim, narrow bezels. Enjoy your...
  • Fast and powerful Octa-Core processor with up to 2.3 GHz main frequency for...

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6- 10.5' 128GB, Wifi Tablet -...

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The Galaxy Tab S has an 8.4 inch, 2560 X 1600 (WQXGA) Screen that gives you fabulous resolution; this makes it one of the best tablets for use on drones, if not THE BEST. It has a contrast of 100,000:1 (Better than most LCD monitors), is ultra-light in weight and has an Octa-Core 1.9GHz, 1.3 GHz processor.

You can now make fascinating drone action videos without worrying about lag. It comes with Android  KitKat, but can be upgraded to Marshmallow.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6- 10.5" 128GB, Wifi Tablet -...
  • The 2 in 1 that’s your all in 1; Instantly transform your Android tablet into...
  • Power to multitask; Thanks to the speed of the fast mobile processor, rapidly...

4. Vankyo MatrixPad S8

VANKYO MatrixPad S8 Tablet 8 inch, Android 9.0 Pie, 2 GB...

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The MatrixPad S8 is a budget-friendly tablet that combines quality with prices. It has an 8’’ 1280 x 800 HD display making it suitable for usage as a display for your drone.

As it runs on Android 9 Pie, it is less likely to have any problems regarding the compatibility with the drone. It also benefits of a good quality quad-core CPU that is capable of powerful and quick responses.

On the memory side, it has 2GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage that can be extended using a microSD card as it has an SD card slot available.

As the overall quality, Vankyo MatrixPad S8 may not be able to be compared with top tier tablets, but it is a perfect choice for beginners or people that are not so experienced with the drones (especially if the tablet is purchased to be used as a drone display solely).

VANKYO MatrixPad S8 Tablet 8 inch, Android 9.0 Pie, 2 GB...
  • Faster Response, Smoother Experience: This 8-inch tablet is equipped with a...
  • Smart Android Tablet: This GMS certified MatrixPad S8 tablet is equipped with...

5. NVIDIA Shield Tablet


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This Nvidia Shield Tablet is suitable for drone control since it has an inbuilt screen recorder and full HD capability. It also has a MicroSD slot that makes it easy for you to store videos and images when you are flying your drone.

The amazing features of the NVIDIA Shield include the NVIDIA Tegra K1 2.2 GHz Quad-core processor and the 192-core NVIDIA Kepler GPU. This makes the tablet a powerhouse for incredible drone action.

  • NVIDIA Tegra K1 Processor
  • Advanced Android Gaming

6. Apple iPad mini 4 (Retina Display)

Apple iPad Mini 4, 128GB, Space Gray - WiFi (Renewed)

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Many people think that the iPad mini 4 is the perfect flight navigator. It comes with a 2048 X 1536 resolution, 7.9-inch, 326 PPI Display, 128 GB flash memory, 2 GB RAM and a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. The iPad mini has an amazing battery that gives up to 10 hours of use.

This is a very light tablet, coming in at a mere 304g. If you are using the DJI App to control your drone, then this is the best tablet to use. You will need to buy an Anbee FPV 33cm Lightning cable when using DJI.

Apple iPad Mini 4, 128GB, Space Gray - WiFi (Renewed)
  • Renewed products look and work like new. These pre-owned products have been...
  • 7.9" Retina Display, 2048 x 1536 Resolution

7. Google Nexus 9 Tablet

Google Nexus 9 Tablet (8.9-Inch, 32 GB, White)

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This is a tablet that comes with the Android Lollipop OS, and has a powerful Tegra K 2.3 GHz processor. This will allow you to transmit and record video from your drone with ease and with no lag at all. The beauty of using the Goggle Nexus 9 Tablet is the 8MP rear camera.

This allows you to get vivid images as your drone races along. In order to get the best results when using this particular tablet, make sure you have the latest Lollipop version.

The Google Nexus 9 Tablet comes with both GPS and a compass, which makes it great for using on most drones. Just one thing that you should note; make sure that the WiFi is off so that there is no disruption of the 2.4 GHz transmission band used by the controller.

Google Nexus 9 Tablet (8.9-Inch, 32 GB, White)
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop; 8.9-Inch IPS LCD TFT Display; QXGA (2048x1536)
  • NVIDIA Tegra K1 2.3 GHz Processor

8. ASUS Zenpad S

ASUS ZenPad S8 8' (2048x1536) 32GB Black Tablet -...

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This is another great tablet for drones; it will give you the best visual experience of your life. The tablet comes with an 8-inch IPS display featuring the TruVivid Technology.

The Zenpad S comes with 32 GB internal storage and 2GB RAM, making it quite costly. But when you see the resultant videos and images captured from the device, then you will find that the cost is justified.

ASUS ZenPad S8 8" (2048x1536) 32GB Black Tablet -...
  • 8" IPS Display (2048 x 1536) with ASUS TruVivid technology for better visual...
  • Intel Atom Z3530 Quad-Core, 64bit, 1.3GHz

Things to consider, before buying a drone tablet


The first thing to consider when you are getting a tablet for your drone is the power of the processor (CPU). You do not want any lag in the control and recording of your drone. If you are buying a tablet that runs on Android, then the processor should at least be the Snapdragon 801. If you are buying an iPad, then you should know that both cellular and WiFi are compatible with drones.

Visor and Shade

You should also consider buying a Sun Visor. When you go out on a sunny day, you may not be able to see anything on the tablet. Make sure that you also operate under a sunshade, because it will protect the tablet from the sun’s rays. Various devices come with screens that are highly reflexive when exposed to the sun.


The size of the best tablet for drones is another important consideration. Most drones will have a tablet mount that accommodates tablets of up to 6.3 inches in height. If you want to buy a bigger tablet, you will have to buy an adapter too. The adapters vary in sizes, but will take tablets of sizes up to 12 inches in height.

Operating system requirements and other specs

When it comes to operating systems, you need Android 4.1.2 or later, and iOS 8.0 and later. You also need a tablet with a lot of storage space, or at least one with a MicroSD slot; those with dual slots are best suited for long-flight recording.

Below you’ll see a list of dronersguides.com choice for top 5 best drone tablets to buy. People have different taste and the difference between these 5 tablets aren’t THAT big. Therefore, you should pay attention too that the list is not made in any particular order in terms of the best tablet being at top. This list simply gives you the top 5 best drone tablet, and from there, it’s up to you.

Best Tablet for Drone Flying: FAQ

Android or iOS which one is better for drones?

Both of them works fine with the drones, most of the time your experience is influenced by the tablet’s specs (CPU, graphics, etc).

Therefore, it is not unexpected for an iOS tablet with lower specs to work worse than an Android tablet with better specs, as well it is not unexpected for Android tablets with lower specs to work worse than iOS tablets with better specs.

Mostly it is a matter of preferences as some people prefer iOS and others prefer Android. It is up to you which side you choose, but the overall quality is mostly the same if you would compare tablets with similar specs.

Does the tablet size matter?

Not really as long as you are wishing to buy an adapter, but before buying a tablet you should first check if it would fit your controller’s tablet/phone mount as you may not be able to fit it without additional costs if the tablet would prove itself too big for the mount.

However, you should focus on a tablet with a medium-size just to be sure that you will be able to fit it in the phone/tablet mount.

Can I use the tablet to control the drone?

It depends on the drone you own. Some drones allow you to control the drone straight from the tablet/phone without having to get the remote control involved. However, some of them does not allow you to do so.

You also need to make sure that the tablet you are intending to buy is compatible with the drone and try to consider if it is able to support all of the drone functions.

Therefore, you can control the drone via your tablet only if the drone has this function implemented, otherwise, it is impossible for you to do so.

Can I use a tablet while controlling the drone in mild rain?

You may be able to use it if it is waterproof (and if your drone is waterproof). But it may not be a good idea to use any of these in the rain even if it is mild. You should just wait for the rain to stop then you can freely use it for as long as you wish.

Water can inflict some several damages to electrical gadgets, therefore if something happens, even if the tablet may be labelled waterproof, there is a small chance to damage it due to the water.

Do I need Wi-Fi to use tablets with drones?

No, you don’t need your tablet connected to a Wi-Fi network. Most of the drones use radio signals to connect to the remote controller and the tablet act just as a display for the drone’s camera.

Therefore, it can be paired either if the tablet is connected to a Wi-Fi network either if it is not.

Final words

These are the best all-around tablets for drones, although there are others that are specifically produced for particular drone apps.

DJI has the Crystalsky Monitor, which is great for outdoor aerial photography. However, you want to use a tablet that will work on any drone on the market and the list above gives you some of the best.

The tablets will give you lower latency when compared to Smartphones, and the video encoding is better, thank to their bigger screens and higher resolutions.

You need a tablet that has a battery that will last at least 3 to 4 hours in order to get the best experience of recording footage during your drone flight.

We hope that this guide has been helpful. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks!

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