How to Fly a Drone? [2024]

how to fly a drone

Drones are currently one of the hottest gadgets around. Some people have even turned drone flying into a lucrative career. Professional photographers and videographers use these cool gadgets to capture exceptional aerial images. Meanwhile, others invest in drones for recreational purposes. So if you’re thinking about getting a drone of your own for commercial or …

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Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE Review [2024]

Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE Review

Drone photography and videography have become so popular that more and more people are making a living doing it.   It is now so easy to fly a drone with a camera and take stunning 4k images and videos.  However, to capture incredible 4K images and videos, you will need a drone with a pretty powerful …

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Best Drone Accessories to Conquer the Drone World! [2024]

drone accessories review

Finding the right drone is just part of the drone equation. To take your experience to new heights, you’ll need the right drone accessories. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting videos, photos or both, the best drone accessories will enhance your drone experience in ways you may have not even considered. Sometimes even the smallest …

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DJI Go 4 Compatible Devices [2024]

dji go 4 compatible devices review

There’s no doubt that flying your DJI drone using a dedicated controller is fun.  However, do you know that you can make the experience even better?  Why spend over $1000 on a drone and try to fly it with a controller that has a small screen?  Why not fly it using a tablet or phablet?  …

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Propel Cloud Rider Review [2024]

propel cloud rider review

The Propel Cloud Rider HD 2.0 Is an intermediate to advanced level drone pack with lots of features at an affordable price.  Propel is a US-based company that specializes in flight and radio-controlled devices.  It was established in 2006 and was one of the lesser-known drone manufacturers.  However, they gained popularity among movie fanatics with …

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Best Lipo Charger Review [2024]

lipo charger review symbol

Batteries are the power sources for quadcopters.  FPV drone pilots use different types of batteries like LiPo, Li-ion and LiHv. This can make it difficult to find a good charger to charge these types of batteries properly. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best LiPo chargers you can find. Batteries are …

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Best Micro FPV Quadcopters Reviews [2024]

Micro FPV Quadcopters review

If you’re fascinated by drones then you’ll definitely like micro FPV quadcopters. These units are much smaller than the others and more fun to fly since they’re fast, agile and can fit in tight spaces. Although way smaller than regular-sized drones they offer FPV as well. FPV stands for First Person View and allows you …

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FPV Drones: All you Need to Know! [2024]

fpv drones review

Flying your drone at top speeds can be quite thrilling but not all drones are designed to do so. There are drones now on the market for almost everything under the sun. You can find a booming drone racing industry with units manufactured specifically for this purpose. The excitement of flying your drone around a …

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Best Waterproof Drone to Fly in any Weather [2024]

waterproof drone review

Don’t let a little rain stop you from having fun outdoors with your drone.  If you haven’t thought about investing in a waterproof drone yet then by the end of this article you probably will.  There aren’t many waterproof drones on the market currently and we’re hoping that the list grows over time.  However, the …

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Gas Powered Drone Reviews [2024]

gas powered drone review

The majority of drones on the market are powered by electric batteries. This is because electric motors are simpler and more efficient than combustion engines. However, they also have a few disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is if you need a drone in the air for hours. Some of the best battery drones can …

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