DJI Phantom Cases

DJI Phantom Cases

Owning a DJI Phantom drone is not only about buying the drone and that’s it. You have to be quite careful with such a drone. Not only that it cost you a good amount of money only to get one, but you have to be able to keep it in good shape. One of the most important things you should keep in mind is that you must be able to store and carry the drone in a safe manner and this can be done only by using a proper case. However, when you choose a case you have to keep in mind a couple of things.

Choosing Best DJI Phantom Case:

Material used

The most important thing is to choose a case that is able to protect the drone from accidents such as dropping it while transporting it and any other unfortunate events while carrying or storing the drone. Therefore, you must choose a sturdy material and by any means, you should avoid using plastic cases. A good option is to use aluminium cases as these types of cases are also lightweight.

Consider waterproof cases

Even if you don’t usually use the drone in environments which may expose your drone to water, you never know when you will want to / have to fly it from a boat or in a snowy mountain. To avoid the risk of your contacting water while you are not using it or simply storing it, it is better to choose a waterproof case. Better safe than sorry.

Case size and weight

Maybe you feel that your drone is safer in a big case, but you have to consider that a bigger case will take more space in your deposit. Also, you have to consider that if you have to carry your drone to a place where access with a car may be impossible, you will have to bring that case by hand, this may not only prove uncomfortable but you may even be exhausted by the time you reach your destination as the case with the drone inside may prove quite heavy and troublesome to carry around.

How long can you store a DJI Phantom Drone in a case

You can store a drone in a case for as long as you need. It is even recommended to store the drones in cases as the risk of getting them damaged in unfortunate accidents is highly decreased. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your drone while you safely store it into a case for as long as you want.

Are drone backpacks better than drone cases?

Backpacks may prove better when you are carrying your drone in places inaccessible with cars (especially mountains and forests). If you are that type of person that enjoys taking its phantom while going hiking, then you may need to opt for a drone carrier backpack. However, this does not mean that a storage case is a bad idea, actually a drone storage case offers a higher level of protection to your drone than a backpack does. Therefore, it depends on what types of activities are you doing. However, you can even opt to store your drone into a case and just move it to a carrier backpack when needed, by doing so you will be able to protect your drone in the best possible way.


Case Club

Case Club Pre-Cut Waterproof Drone Case with Wheels,...

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One of the best choice for your DJI Phanom, Case Club case offers you the option to choose between a compact case or a wheeled case. By choosing a compact case you can easily store your drone while not in use as it takes way less space than a wheeled one. The wheeled case offers you the possibility to drag the case after you when you have to carry your drone around. The cases are able to store the drone, a tablet, 5 extra batteries, the controller, memory cards, extra propellers and more.

The case is designed to last as it is made out of military-grade closed cell polyethylene and it offers the possibility to be padlocked for extra security. The wheeled case is able to store the drone with the propellers attached, but, unfortunately, the compact unwheeled one is not able to store the drone with the propellers attached; therefore, you have to unmount them prior storing. Also, the case is waterproof and is able to resist harsh environments.

Hard Shell Backpack Case

Backpack Case Bag for DJI Phantom 3 / 4, Phantom 4Pro...

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If you are looking for a case that grants you the possibility to carry your drone around really easy even in the most severe environments, then this backpack case may be the perfect fit for you. The hard shell water-resistant backpack is able to hold your drone, a remote control, 3 batteries, 4 propellers and a battery charger. It is designed to keep all your belongings safe and nicely organised as every component has its specially designed spot. Also, you don’t have to worry about your shoulders as the straps covered with sponge are providing a comfortable and genuine feeling.

Nanuk 945

Nanuk DJI Drone Waterproof Hard Case with Custom Foam Insert...

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If you are looking for a sturdy case for your DJI Phantom, then Nanuk 945 may be the perfect fit for you. The case is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, making it a perfect choice for keeping your drone safe even in harsh environments. The case is able to keep safe your drone with propellers on, 4 batteries, the remote control, a tablet, and many more. For extra security, you will also be able to lock the case with TSA padlocks. Moreover, the case is impact resistant and the four powerclaw triple action latches keep the case closed by using compressive force. Also, Nanuk 945 offers the option to choose your favourite colour out of a range of 6 colours.


Choosing the right case for your DJI Phantom is not only about hitting some points on the must-have checklist. It is about getting a case that can satisfy most of your needs and is able to protect your drone regardless of the activity or the environment.

Therefore, prior buying, you have to think about all the types of situations that your case may have to endure (such as heavy raining camping night, snowy environment and so on) and choose a case that has the best overall score.

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