Dronersguides.com covers drones, including drones with price tags of under 100, 200, 500 and unlimited USD. Whether you are looking for the best drones available to different businesses (e.g.: Photography, Filming etc.) or just the best drones for this year, month, for Beginners, Hobbyists, Dronersguides.com is the right site for you. It also covers the latest news regarding drones, unmanned aerial vehicle, the newest technology, flight controls, etc.

We are one of the worlds first sites dedicated to providing information and buyer’s guides regarding drone technology that covers the main features a certain customer would like to have.

Some of the many things that we cover:

  • Accurate, reliable and fast news about todays drone models 

We track the latest actions of the big players in the drone technology field, and provide people with information they release. A lot of different drone models in different field areas are provided in our researches to enable the best possible drone information in different fields (e.g.: Photography, Filming, playing, and much more).

  • Knowledge base covering subjects related to drones and the technologies within

We spend a lot of times creating articles that educate users using search engines or just visitors on out site. It is a good trait to know at the basics about something before you buy it. Basically, we cover everything related drones, and the drone world in generel.

  • Monthly updated buyer’s guide

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time reading and learning everything about a drone before you buy it: let us do it for you. We spend a lot of time looking through the current available drone models and their specs, reviews and benchmarks to create an easily understandable list of drones, separated by the main features that a customer would like to have.
Our goal is to provide the latest and best news regarding this topic and provide a monthly updated buyer’s guide to everything related drones.