Best Racing Drones to have in your Arsenal! [2021]

Best Racing Drones reviews

There’s no doubt that drones are fun.  The fact that you can control your very own flying machine is thrilling in itself.  Add a camera and things get a little more exciting.  Drones have become so popular among hobbyists and professionals that drone racing became a popular sport.  Drone racing is a fun hobby that …

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Snaptain S5C Drone Review [2021]

snaptain s5c

Oftentimes in the drone world, people associate low price with low quality.  However, with the introduction of the Snaptain S5C FPV drone, people were challenged to rethink all they knew about cheap drones. This drone costs less than $100 and has had great success with previous owners gushing about its incredible features and performance. It …

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Build your own Quadcopter Kit [2021]

build quadcopter kit

Drones have become increasingly popular and provide a great deal of fun for both the young and old.  Professionals and hobbyists alike just can’t get enough of these cool gadgets and that is why some choose to build their own quads.   It may actually cost you less to build a quadcopter than purchasing a pre-built …

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FPV Drone Kit: Everything you Need to Build your Own! [2021]

fpv drone kit

First-person view(FPV) is a feature that allows drone users on the ground to receive a live feed with an aerial view.  This allows you to see where you’re flying in real-time so you do not have to wait until the drone returns home to see the footage.  A live feed can be beneficial when racing …

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Drone Kit: Build your Own Drone [2021]

diy drone kit

Drones are everywhere and they have become so popular that individuals of all ages have been getting their hands on them.  You can find drones available in various sizes and shapes on the market but have you ever thought about building your own?  Building your own drone has a few advantages like the freedom to …

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Cheerson CX 23 Cheer Drone Review [2021]

cheerson cx 23

The world of drones is exciting and if you are thinking of getting your very first drone, then take a look at the CX-23 from Cheerson.  Cheerson is a brand that gained great success with its CX-20 model and is known for providing units that offer great value for money.   If you want a drone …

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Best Long Range Drone to go the Distance [2021]

best long range drone

Among the list of things that people look for when purchasing a drone is the control range.  They want to be able to tell how far apart the transmitter and the receiver can be while still maintaining control.  When looking at the control range of a drone, there are two ways to measure it.  The …

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Drone Flight Time: Drones with Longest Flight Times [2021]

drone flight time review

Drones have been such a success that almost everyone owns a drone today. They are a wide variety of drones on the market including toy drones, the best mini drone, professional camera drones and others These unmanned aerial vehicles are fun to fly, perform tasks that can cost a lot, or go places that would …

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Longest Battery Life Drones You Can Find Today! [2021]

longest battery life drones

Drones have been a big hit on the consumer market but one of the biggest obstacles that consumers face when flying drones is their short battery life.  This can be particularly frustrating to those who use drones commercially where long battery life is needed to get the job done the first time.  When the first …

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Brushless Drones Reviews [2021]

Brushless Drones Reviews

Drones are creating such a buzz in the modern world and almost everyone has seen a drone flying around by now. Most are fascinated and want to get their hands on one of these unmanned aerial vehicles. If you’re looking for a drone whether, for fun or work, there are a few things you have …

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