Best Selfie Drone for You [2024]

Best Selfie Drone for You review

The consumer drone market is accelerating at a fast pace.  Manufacturers are pumping out new units to meet consumer’s demands.  One area that has seen great advancements is drone photography.  Drone photography opened a whole world of possibilities and consumers just can’t get enough.  Today, you can find several drones with advanced cameras that capture …

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Autonomous Drone: All You Need To Know! [2024]

autonomous drone reviews

Commercial drone use is a growing global market and it is expected to grow more than tenfold in the next few years.  However, there are still some people who believe that drones require a massive amount of training to control them properly.  This couldn’t be further from the truth since some drones are fully or …

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Best Fixed Wing Drone Reviews [2024]

fixed wing drone reviews

Drones come in all different shapes and sizes which can make the task of purchasing the right one a bit difficult.  Most people’s idea of a drone today is a unit with four or more propellers.  These aircraft fuselage designs do not help flight.  Instead, the propellers do all the work.  On the other hand, …

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Finding the Best Drone Frame in [2024]

Drone frame review

The frame of your drone is what holds the entire unit together and without it, you won’t be able to take to the skies. Ready-to-fly drones come assembled so if you want to build your own drone, the first thing you’ll need is a frame. It doesn’t matter if it’s made of Carbon, Wood Metal, …

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Best Quadcopter Flight Controller [2024]

quadcopter controller boards reviews

Quadcopters are complex machines and they consist of several components that keep them functioning smoothly.  You can read this build your own drone article to learn about the different parts and how they function. One of the main components is the flight controller which is the point of contact between the drone and the user.  …

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Top Drone Controller on the Market [2024]

drone controller reviews

Drones require a number of components to work properly and one such component is the drone controller.  This controller allows the drone pilot to communicate with the device. Any information you feed into the transmitter is conveyed to the drone via the drone controller.  If you want the drone to go in a certain direction, …

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Android Controlled Drones Reviews [2024]

android controlled drones reviews

Drones have become so popular that they are often seen hovering in the sky.  People of all ages are enjoying these unmanned aerial vehicles and some fly for fun while others fly for work.  The technology behind drones has left the world in awe and with every passing day, the technology keeps improving.  Up until …

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Phone Controlled Drones for Android and iPhone Users [2024]

Phone Controlled Drones Review

The consumer market is overflowing with drones of all different sizes and types.  These unmanned aerial vehicles are versatile, sophisticated, affordable and easy to fly.  Typically, you’d use a dedicated RC controller to control the drone.  However, it is not the only way as some drones can be controlled through hand gestures or smartphones using …

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Best Indoor Drone for Indoor Flying! [2024]

best indoor drone review

If you’ve joined the drone craze and want to keep flying during the winter months then you should consider purchasing an indoor drone.  These units allow you to enjoy flying even when the weather outside is less than ideal.  Most drones can be flown indoors as long as it’s kept away from fixtures and fittings. …

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Best Commercial Drones Reviews [2024]

Best Commercial Drones

A quick search for drones online will pull up a long list of products.  You’ll find drones of different sizes and styles capable of performing various tasks.  Some drones are used for fun, others are a little more advanced and while the rest are targeted towards the commercial community.  Commercial drones go beyond the functions …

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